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Looking for someone who:

Believes in you.

Helps you navigate tough challenges and decisions.

Tells you the truth.

Helps you to grow.

Helps get you unstuck.

Gives fresh perspectives.

Celebrates your victories and successes.

Helps you find answers.

Walks alongside and prays for you.

Listens with her heart.

Helps you become Gods intended best.




Barb Loftin
Professional Life Coach
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The journey of life can be very challenging.  Sometimes we get stuck and  are not sure how to move forward.

   If you struggle with:

  • Stunted spritual growth

  • Relationship issues

  • Burnout

  • Leadership pressures

  • Time management

  • Health and wellness concerns

  • Entreprenuer challenges

  • Caregiver fatigue

See how coaching can help get you on a new path to wholeness and fulfillment. Coaching can be by phone, through skype, or face to face  in a setting of confidenitalty and support without judgement.  If you are willing to work,  it can give you the forward momentum you are seeking to help you become the person God created you to be.  


Barb has a BA from Northern KY University in Communication with a minor in Psychology and Entrepreneur.  Also a  small business owner for 17 years, she built and developed her eCommerce business from the ground up.  Barb has been involved in leadership, prayer, music and serving ministries for many years. With a heart for the hurting, she wants to help women move forward gaining perspective, clarity and hope.  She obtained her coaching certification from Professional Christian Coaching Institute in 2015 and her ACC credentialing  in 2017.

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